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The user manual for My Space contains useful information about the tools in My Space and it is designed to allow you to carry out relevant tasks with the help of the manual.

Where do I find help with My Space?
  • Under the link ”Help” (in the top right corner in My Space) you will find an overview of the available user manuals for My Space.
  • Shortcuts to the user manual: The Help.png-icon is available in the top right corner in all portlets in My Space. The icon is linked to the appropriate place in the user manual. Administrators have access to the user manual for administrators, while students and ordinary members have access to the user manual for students.
  • There is also a [?]-icon linked to each heading/topic on the Admin page. This icon is also linked to the correct place in the user manual.

Questions about My Space can be asked by using the webform: "Do you have any technical questions regarding this page?"that you will find on the bottom-right on My Space.

Superusers of My Space at the faculties can answer simple questions and grant adminitrative access for staff.