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What is "My Space"?

"My Space" is an intranet for students with three main levels: 1. Personal page. The page is unique for you and gathers all information about the classes you have signed up to, and the programs you take part in. Through this page you can also ask to get information about classes that you will not participate in. 2. Class pages. All classes have their own page on the intranet. (Note! Your institute might have chosen not to use some of the pages, ask them if there is no information available.) On the class page you will get news from the course coordinator, access to the schedule, learning objectives and curriculum. The class page will also be the place where your lecturer and other teaching assistants will store assignments, other texts and presentations. 3. Communities. Consists of a variety of community pages, as for instance Programs, Institutes, and Faculties. On these pages you will receive news from the different communities that you are a part of.

How do I join classes and communities?

To join any open class or community, login to your personal portal. On your MySpace page is a portlet called "Groups." Click the link to "Join/Add a Class or Community Group" in that portlet. The page that follows displays a list of all available courses and communities. Click the "join" link to the right of a group to be added to it as a member; if membership in the group requires approval, the link will read "Request".

How do I drop a class or community?

Sv: There are two ways to drop any group: 1) From the My Space page, Groups portlet, click on "Join/Drop a Class or Community Group" or 2) go to the Control Panel page and click the "Drop" icon next to the group you want to drop. Note: You cannot drop a class for which you are enlisted for an exam. Enlistsments for exam: StudentWeb

How do I report a bug?

Sv: Email a description of what you were doing and what happened, along with any error messages and the URLS for the pages you were on before and when the bug occurred to

How do I submit feedback or suggest a feature?

Send your feedback and suggestions to the editor of the pages at:

How do I keep from receiving emails from forums?

In the system, this is called "editing your forum email alerts." You have control over whether and how you receive these emails. Login to My Space, go to the Control Panel page. Then, click on "Edit My Forum Email Alerts" and cancel alerts individually.

The system is very slow

The system can be a bit slow some times. Sometimes this can be caused by big jobs that update information. The first week in each semester is a peak period when a lot of data is being input and many are out looking. If the system is particularly slow at other times, it could be caused by an error somewhere. It is nice if you report it.

If you feel that it always is slow, remember that the response time depends on three things: the portal itself might have a heavy load, there might be a lot of data to transfer or the connection might be slow, and finally it depends on how fast computer you have. It could be smart to check how fast things go on a new computer on the university network before you complain about a slow system.

If the reason that "My space" takes a long time to load is that there just is a lot information in the boxes, it can help to minimize the boxes (the leftmost icon in the top ritht corner of the box), or move the box to anothre page (use the control panel). If you do this, do not forget to check the information in the box once in a while.

As a user, you can also help the response time by not "double-clicking". A double click leads to two calls, and the response time will be twice as long. Do not double click in web pages!

What if I forget my password at some point?

Obviously, if you are reading this, you were able to login, but if you do forget it, here is what you have to do: -Go to: Choose "Forgotten Password" in the menu at the left. You have to have obtained a PIN from the Central Studentsystem (FS) during registration on Studentweb to logon here. In addition to the PIN you will need your Studentnumber and you Norwegian id-number.(If you no longer have it, please contact your Department or the office for Student Services.) -You can also change your password by contacting IT-staff at your Faculty.

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