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Norwegian - English

for those responsible for classes, teaching staff, administrative contact persons, administrators

General documentation



Modules (features)

How to use the modules ?

User support

Superusers in the faculties and departments can answer simple questions and grant administrative access (write access).
Questions about My Space can be sent by email to studentportal@uib.no, or use the error reporting function at the bottom of the page in My Space. “Do you have any technical questions regarding this page?


Regular courses are held in the use of My Space. Introductory courses are held in connection with upgrades and new functionality.

For a list of courses, see the course overview.

We can also organise and hold courses as required. Contact Kathrine Slettevold who is in charge of courses: kathrine.slettevold@ua.uib.no

Geographylogo.png Languages: 

Norwegian - English