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How to log in and make a booking in WRB

Open Internet Explorer (Firefox is not recommended). Type rom.uib.no in the address bar, and press Enter. This will take you to the wiki pages of the timetable group of the Division of Student Affairs. Click on the link Book room 2011 to book a room.

This will take you to the login page. Log in with your UiB user name and password: Now you have logged in, and are ready to book a room: Select the room size (the number of people you need space for): You can limit the room search to a geographical area by selecting the area desired in the Room group drop-down list. There are four areas: Area 1 - Nygårdshøyden north (Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law) Area 2 - Nygårdshøyden central (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Psychology, the Student Centre)Area 3 - Nygårdshøyden south (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Marineholmen, VilVite)Area 4 - Årstadvollen/Haukeland (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry) You can further limit the search by choosing a specific building instead of the room group. Click on the Buildings drop-down list to choose the building you want:

If you want to search for a specific room, you can also do this by clicking on the link Click here to use a specific room. This gives you a list of every room you can book. Choose the room you want by ticking the box on the right.

You can also choose a combination. If you choose GR: the Grieg Academy in Buildings, and then click on Click here to use a specific room, the system will only show a list of all of the rooms in the Grieg Academy.

The Room features drop-down list lets you choose the type of room and/or desired AV equipment in the room. (We do not recommend using the room type as a criterion, as there can be a disparity between what is considered a room type and what is registered as a room type. For example, is a room a group room or a seminar room?) Equipment can be a room criterion. If you for example need a room with PCs, you can roll down to Equipment/PC and check this option. The system will then only find available rooms with PCs. Note that you can choose several criteria by pressing the Ctrl button and clicking on several options.

Select the desired date in the calendar:

You can select several dates by clicking on Click here to choose several days/weeks. Click on the day and weeks wanted. Note that you can only pick 8 weeks at a time. Select the start and end date:

An example of a booking: We want a room with space for at least 20 people in the Nygårdshøyden north area, equipped with PCs, on Wednesday 2 February from 12:00–13:00. Click on Next >.

This will give you a list of all of the rooms that match your selection criteria: If you want to look at pictures and information about rooms, click on the room link. A new window will open with the Buildings and rooms list: Go back to WRB, and click on the room desired in the box on the left. For example, DR: SA, and click on Next >. Look through the order and enter a description of the booking in the field Activity. If you want several people to receive e-mail confirmation that the booking has been made, you can enter one or more e-mail addresses in the field E-mail copy. (Use a comma, semicolon or space as a separator when entering several addresses.) Click on Confirm booking.

Now you will receive a notice that the booking has been made.