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This document describes procedures for uploading contents to the "Quality Assurance Reports" repository.


In order to manage content, you need to be logged in and authenticated as an employee at the University of Bergen. Click "Log in (employees) at the upper right corner of the window. Use your normal UiB username/password.

Content types

The repository consists of three types of reports:

  • Education reports
  • Evaluations
  • Other

Education reports are annual reports on quality in education from the departments, faculties and the institutional level. Evaluations are reports on individual courses and programmes, conducted at regular intervals. Education reports and evaluations are central requirements of the University of Bergen quality assurance system, anchored in the Handbook for Quality Assurance of University Education. “Other” consists of reports on quality of education not described by the Quality Assurance Handbook.

Education reports are registered on organizational units. Evaluation reports are registered on courses or programmes. Other documents should be registered on the type of unit relevant for the report (organizational unit, programme or course).

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Uploading reports

  1. In the main page,
    1. Select year in the drop down list above the navigation pane. Year should refer to the (last) period covered by the report, not the year of report publishing. E.g, for a report written in January 2011 on a course held in the autumn term 2010, select 2010.
    2. Use the navigation pane to select the relevant organization level. Organizational sub units and associated courses and programmes are displayed in the results pane below.
    3. The radio button “Show all” below the navigation pane should be selected when uploading reports.
    4. Select “Education report” (organizational units), “Programme” or “Course”) in the results pane. Identify the correct unit and click “Upload”. This navigates to a new page with an upload form (see screenshot below).
  2. In the upload form,
    1. Specify term. Term needs to be specified, but is only relevant for course reports (and “Other”-documents related to term-specific activity)
    2. Choose type of report. For education reports, course reports and programme reports, use the default setting. For other documents, specify the correct type from the drop down list.
    3. Click “File”. Use Windows explorer or equivalent to select document and return to the form.
    4. Complete the task by clicking “Upload”.

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