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Under administration of the Syllabus on the Admin page for the class, you can choose to upload a new syllabus or add a link to a syllabus

Deadlines for publishing reading lists

  • Spring: December 1st
  • Autumn: June 1st

Upload a new syllabus

  • Get a template for creating a syllabus here.
  • From 1.1.2009 you can only upload syllabus files that are htm/html, PDF version 1.4 (or newer) and ODF 1.0 (or newer).
    • A step by step guide for how to save a file as PDF and ODF has been made available, see the step by step guides by clicking here
    • If you attemt to upload a file in a different file format (such as a word document for instance) you will only get an error message.
  • Select "Upload a new syllabus" if you want to upload a file that contains the syllabus.
  • The students will be able to download the syllabus in the portlet called "Syllabus" and in the File Storage for the class. It is also available on the University's web.
  • To edit/change the file go to the Admin page and select "Go to the Syllabus"
    • Then select "Upload Revision" to upload a new version of the syllabus.
  • Note: If a syllabus is not published one semester, My Space will find and show the last syllabus published for the class.

Add a link to a syllabus

  • If the list of recommended reading exists elsewhere on the internet, you can create a link to by clicking on "Add a link to a syllabus".
  • The students will be able to download the syllabus in the portlet called "Syllabus" and in the File Storage for the class. It is also available on the University's web.

Reference management systems

You can easily create a good syllabus using EndNote and Reference Manager.

  • User manual for EndNote: Please refer to EndNote's Help section for Independent bibliographies.
  • User manual for Reference Manager: Please refer to Reference Manager's Help section for Independent bibliographies.

After the syllabus has been created, it is uploaded to the class in the usual manner.

If you have questions in connection with the use of EndNote or Reference Manager, you can contact the University Library.

Digital syllabus

UiB buys a lot of digital literature, and quite a lot of this is syllabus. In addition is some syllabus digital accessible through other institutions (f. ex. The National Library of Norway) or it is Open Access. Based on this, UiB has made a template for syllabus to notify the students about the possibility.

It is possible to create the syllabus in Endnote or Reference Manager first and then paste it into the template with information about digital syllabus.

Monitor published reading lists

For those interested, we now offer a tool to help continuously monitor publication of reading lists.

Download the Excel file below, and use the Pivot Table feature to discover which courses have published reading lists within the specified deadline (and which have not). The file retrieves data from FS and My Space. Note: If you use Internet Explorer as your default browser, save the file to disc before you refresh Pivot Table data.

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