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Blog is a tool that can be made available in Classes and Communities so that students and lecturers can blog in an academic context.

The Blog in My space is not a personal Blog, but a group Blog.

In order to use Blog in a Class or Community, an administrator must first add it to the Class/Community.

How to make a blog entry:

  • New entries are created by clicking “Add entry” in the Blog portlet.
  • In the form that appears, you enter the title and contents of the entry.
  • If you are going to use images in the entry, the images must already be available on the internet, and you simply refer to the URL address (e.g. topp_03.gif) in the dialogue box which appears when you click the image icon.
  • When you have finished writing the entry, you can publish it immediately or leave it as a draft.
  • If you want to publish the entry, select “Publish” from the box at the bottom.
  • The entry will not be readable by anyone other than the administrator until it has been changed to “published”.
  • You can edit a blog entry after it has been published.
  • You can also turn a posted entry into a draft again.

How to comment a blog entry:

  • Others can comment on entries by clicking “Add comment” when in the actual entry.
  • Comments will be displayed underneath the entry.
  • NOTE: A comment can not be edited or removed after it has been published.

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