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===Is there any documentation for class and community administrators?===
===Is there any documentation for class and community administrators?===
Staff/Administrators: [[Mi side|dokumentasjon for ansatte/administratorer]]
*Staff/Administrators: [[My Space|dokumentasjon for ansatte/administratorer]]
Students: [[Mi side - studenter|dokumentasjon for studenter]]
*Students: [[My Space - Students|dokumentasjon for studenter]]
===Are there training sessions for Faculty, staff and teaching assistents who are class and community administrators?===
===Are there training sessions for Faculty, staff and teaching assistents who are class and community administrators?===

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I am an administrator and there are several students/lecturers that are not registered at the Uinversity of Bergen in my class (for instance students from other Universities) . How can they get access to the materials in My Space?

Non-UiB students or non-UiB lecturers cannot have full access to My Space, but they can have access to the class materials. You can create Limited Access user accounts for cross-registered students through the "Create a Limited Access user" link in the Control Panel. If someone already has an account in the system, you will receive a message that they are already in the system when you try to create an account for them. In that case, add them to the class or community through the "Manage Membership" page link.

How can I keep unregistered students or non-members from getting in the class or community?

All class pages in MySpace should be open for all members. If you want to give information to a limited group of people(for instance articles or presentations) you have to create a subgroup on class or community level. Go to the Control Panel page for the subgroup and change the Enrollment Policy to "closed" or "wait." Closed makes the group invisible to all but its members -- it will no longer be listed on the Join a Group page. Wait means that users can request membership from the Join a Group page. You can manage members in your subgroups by clicking on the subgroups Control Panel and accessing "Manage Memberships".

How do students and members join if the group enrollment is closed?

The only way to add users to a closed group is to add their names one at a time. Go to the group's Control Panel page and go to the Manage Membership link. Click the "Add a Student" link, type in their email name or last name, select the user from the list of names returned and confirm the choice. If they are not already registered in the system, you can't add them to the group until they register, and if they are non-UiB students or lecturers, you should create Limited Access users accounts for them (through the Control Panel).

How can I let non-UiB people have access to my community?

You can add them as Limited Access users or guests. Limited Access users have full access to the group, but cannot join other My Space groups; Limited Access Guests have limited access to your group (they do not see other users personal information) and cannot join other groups. Assign non-UiB students Limited Access accounts and non-UiB people (speakers, guest lecturers, colleagues) Limited Access Guest accounts.

Is there any documentation for class and community administrators?

Are there training sessions for Faculty, staff and teaching assistents who are class and community administrators?

At this time, no group trainings are planned. Please contact Hans-Petter Isaksen,, phone: 555 89379, to arrange for a demonstration/training of the system for groups.

Training sessions in My Space (staff only): Kurs i Mi side

How do I report a bug?

Scroll to the bottom of the page where you found the bug and click on the link: "Do you have any technical questions regarding this page?" Fill in the form and include a description of what happened and what you were trying to do, and also include the URLs for the page you were on when it happened and the URL for the error page that resulted.

How do I request a new class or community?

Send email to with the following information. For classes: contact your Faculty staff for information about classes. We will get back with information on how you can copy the information in a class from one semester to a later one. For communities: community name, administrator,and a brief statement of the community's purpose.

I created a forum and it sends email alerts to all group members. How do I shut this off? How can an individual user shut them off?

Each user must manage forum alerts through the "Edit My Forum Email Alerts" page on the user Control Panel. Users can also subscribe to/unsubscribe from forum alerts at the top level page of an individual forum.

Note about Forums and email away messages.

If a user activates an automated vacation/away message, all their forums will get caught in a loop of emails. To prevent this, advise students to cancel all their forum email alerts before going away. If this happens while they are away, you will have to remove the user from your group to stop the looping.

How do users change their passwords?

Members of the staff at UiB must contact their Faculties IT-staff to change their password. Students can change their password at : []

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