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Submission of the Master thesis in My Space

  • You submit your Master thesis in the "Master`s thesis" folder.
  • You can watch a video guide: How to submit an assignment in My Space here.
  • Your Master thesis are to be submitted as one single PDF file. DO NOT split the thesis into several files. Everything that are to be evaluated should be in the same PDF document.
  • Only PDF format is accepted in the Master`s thesis folder. It is therefore important that you save your thesis in PDF format before you try to submit it. No other formats will be accepted in the Master`s thesis folder.
  • NB: The file size limit for Master`s thesis is 20 MB.

If your file is larger than 20 MB then you should contact one of the Administrators of the Class so that they can help you submit the thesis.

Step by step: How to submit your Master thesis:

  1. Save your Master's thesis in PDF format. ( See step by step how to do this below).
  2. Click on the Master's thesis folder (or on the Master`s thesis sub-folder with your name if this kind of folder exists).
  3. Click on "Upload a new assignment".
  4. Check and Accept the personal declaration to proceed.
  5. Read about the advantages of having your master thesis in BORA, and the conditions under which your master thesis will be made available
  6. "I agree to make my master thesis available in BORA..." is the default setting. If you don't want your thesis to be available to the public via BORA, you must specify this. You can read more about BORA here: Master thesis and BORA. Note: If you change your preferences about publishing/not publishing your thesis in BORA at a later time, contact They will give you the information you need.
  7. Click "Confirm" to proceed
  8. In the field "Version filename (required): "Choose "Browse.."
  9. Find your Master thesis to submit.
  10. In the field "Submit as a": You do not have to do anything here if this is the first Master thesis you submit in this folder. If you already have submittet a Master thesis in this folder and you want to replace it with a new version that contains changes, then you can select the file you want to replace from the list that appears here. If you select "New assignment" from the list your assignment will be registered as a new and unique assignment, (it will not replace an earlier submittet file). Note that you can not delete any submitted assignments, but you can submit new versions up until the folder closes. (When the submission deadline occurs).
  11. In the field "Language (required)": Choose the language in which the assignment is written.
  12. In the field "Title (required)": Type in the title of your assignment.
  13. In the field "Index terms": You can type optional search words that will be associated with your assignment. This is recommended if you are to publish your paper in BORA.
  14. In the field "Descriptive text (abstract)": Fill in adescriptive text (Abstract) max 3000 characters. (This should be identical to the abstract that you have written in your thesis.)
  15. If you want, you can also fill in an optional second Abstract in a different language.
  16. Make sure that you have filled in all the fields marked with (required). These fields are mandatory.
  17. When you are ready to submit, click once on "OK".
  18. Wait until the assignment is uploaded (submitted).
  19. When the submission is done you will see your paper in the Master`s thesis folder and the following message will appear on your screen: "Upload completed. A receipt is sent to your student email. If this is a group submission a receipt is also sent to the other authors student email."
  20. In your student e-mail you will find your receipt for the submission. Save it.

Note that:

  • You can upload a new version of your paper until the folder closes. The procedure is the same as described above.
  • The papers that you submit in My Space are visible only to yourself and to the administrators. If it is a group submission then the paper is visible to all of the authors.

How to save an assignment as PDF at the University of Bergen:

All the PCs at the University of Bergen have “PDFCreator” installed, which can convert files to PDF. Note: The file is not printed on a printer, but is converted to PDF format, which can then be saved. It does not cost anything to convert files to PDF using the printer driver at UiB.

Step by step: (You have to use one of UiB’s computers if you follow this description)

  1. Open the file that you wish to convert to PDF. (The original file will not be affected).
  2. Select print (Ctrl+P)
  3. Select printer “PDFCreator”
  4. If the “PDFCreator” printer has not been installed – contact the PC help service/User support at your faculty.
  5. Click “OK”
  6. Remove author information if the submission of the assignment is to be anonymous. (The submission of a Master’s thesis is not anonymous.)
  7. Click ”Save”
  8. Select the folder you wish to save the PDF file in.
  9. Select a file name for the PDF file. (Do not include your name in the file name if the submission is to be anonymous.)
  10. Click “Save”
  11. The file has been saved and will open automatically.

Format requirements for the submission of assignments in My Space:


  1. Students submit their Master’s theses.
  2. Students submit an anonymous assignment in an anonymised folder.

Which formats are required when assignments are submitted in the different folder types in My Space?

  • The Learning Folder and the Learning Folder’s sub-folders:

Requirement: No special format requirements.

  • Anonymised Learning Folder and/or anonymised sub-folders in the Learning Folder:

Requirement: PDF or plain text (txt, sgml, html, xml).

  • The Assessment Folder and the Assessment Folder’s sub-folders:

Requirement: No special format requirements.

  • Anonymised Assessment Folder and/or anonymised sub-folders in the Assessment Folder:

Requirement: PDF or plain text (txt, sgml, html, xml)

  • The Master’s Thesis Folder and the Master Thesis Folder’s subfolders (Folders in the student’s name):

Requirement: PDF.