User guide - Quality Assurance Reports

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This document describes basic navigation of the Quality assurance reports system.

Navigation and accessing contents

The screen is divided in two sections: a navigation pane (above) and a results pane (below). To browse for contents, first select a year in the drop down box above the navigation pane.

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Navigation pane

The navigation pane displays organizational structure, and the number of documents connected to each unit for the given year. Use the navigation pane to select the relevant organizational level/unit. The results pane below the navigation pane should update with lists of documents for the given combination of year and organizational unit.

Results pane

The results pane is organized by report type: Education reports, course- and programme evaluations, and other. Click the tabs to list the contents for each type. The lists consist of organizational units, courses and programmes. By default, only courses and programmes with registered reports for the given year are listed. This selection is determined by the radio buttons (“Show only with content”/”Show all”) immediately above the results pane. Select “show all” to list all organizational units (for education reports), courses and programmes active for the given combination of organization level/unit and year. The “Other” category always lists only registered reports.

By clicking the links in the rightmost column of the results pane, the last available report (if any) is downloaded.

By clicking the name of the unit, a new window is displayed, listing all registered contents for the unit (organizational unit, programme or course), independent of year published.



A search box is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The search function is restricted to programme – and course codes for the given year. If a code is registered in the database for the given year, the search function opens the list of contents for the given course or programme. If logged in, the search will focus on the programme or course in the results pane, allowing users to upload files for the given unit.


Login is available for employees of the University of Bergen with a valid user account. Login is required to manage contents.

Uploading reports/managing contents

For help on uploading reports, consult the user guide.