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To log in to Inspera assessment as a grader at the University of Bergen you need a user account in Inspera and the role «grader» for the relevant course.

External graders receive an e-mail from Inspera Assessment with an assigned username and a link to create a password (log in with registered user). Internal graders log on to Inspera with their regular UiB user account (Choose «log in" with FEIDE).

Link to login:

Change your profile


You can at any given time change your first name, surname, e-mail address and password in your user profile. You can, however, NOT change your username.

To change your user profile click the settings Tannhjul.png button next to your name in the task bar at the top. Then press “User profile”.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base.png

The Knowledge Base in Inspera Assessment can provide you with aid while grading. You can at any given time click the Help button at the top right and get a description of the functionality you are working with:

Knowledge base2.png

Your assessment

Start Page for grading

Grading start.png

When you log in to Inspera and click the ‘grading’ tab on the task bar, all the exams you have been assigned to will be listed in an overview. Choose the exam you want to grade by clicking on it in the list (shown in the picture above):

Information Page

Information page.png

From the information page the grader can start the grading of the candidates by clicking «grade your candidates». If you have already started grading, the exam system allows you to start where you left off by clicking the text “continue from last graded”. If there is more than one grader in the system, other co-graders can confirm their grades without entering a value (A to F etc.) The commission can then approve/confirm the final grades. If the commission wishes to use the co-grading support within the Inspera system, all the graders can confirm their individual grades and proceed to the co-grading to review the discrepancies in the grades given by the individual graders.

Info page.png

The information page contains further information about the exam and the submissions each grader has been assigned to. Grading instructions will be available here if the administrator has uploaded them to the Inspera grading tool.

An overview of the candidates in the commision

The overview of your assessment is a list consisting of the candidates you have been assigned to grade. The candidates are listed with their candidate numbers. In the example shown here grades are not set for any of the candidates. When the grades are set the icons of the candidates will appear blue.

You access the submission you want to assess by clicking the icon on the left side (marked with the candidate number).

When the grader has finished grading all the assigned submissions, the grader can confirm the grades by clicking «confirm your grades» on the information page:

Overview 1.png

Now the graders can start the co-grading for exams with more than one grader in the commission:


When the commission has agreed on the final grades, the final grades must be confirmed:

The candidate’s delivery


The candidate’s submission is presented as a list of all the different questions in the question set. Manually graded questions are marked with a circle and automatically graded questions are marked with a lightning bolt. As a grader you can choose to hide the automatically graded questions. Submissions that have not been assessed are marked with a black circle, and the assessed submissions are marked with a green circle.

To start assessing single questions the grader can click a question in the list. The candidates answer to that question will then appear.


In many cases the submission will consist of one, or a few, essays. The grader can choose to assess the submissions with point and/or threshold values, or set a grade manually. If the Question Set consists of only one Question the overall grade for the submission will be updated automatically when the question has been graded.

Manually setting a score on an automatically graded question

Man aut1.png

It is possible to override the predefined score on an automatically graded question. This can be done by clicking the button shown in the picture. Please note that this has to be done for every candidate you are grading. You should always have a close dialogue with the administrator of the exam before manually overriding the automatic score.

Man aut2.png

Assess a delivery


The tab underneath shows the candidates answer to a question. On the right hand side the point or grade is displayed. The grader gives the assessment by clicking the point/grade.

The grader can add private notes for each question. These notes will remain private throughout the grading process and will not be available to other co-graders or candidates, nor will they appear if a candidate complains about the grade and asks for a new assessment.


In this tab the grader can see the question as it was shown to the candidate on the exam

Annotation (to be released at a later date)

Annotation allows graders to add private comments to candidates' submissions as points, areas or text selections. All annotations are private to the grader. Annotations can be added as Point, Area and Text selection, and all annotations can be deleted. Annotations are added to a preloaded PDF version of the candidate's submission


Breadcrumb trail

Navigating between different questions

At the top of the Assessment tool there is always a breadcrumb trail that the grader can use to navigate. In the example shown below you can navigate by clicking the different breadcrumb items:

  • EKSEMPELPRØVE – Navigate to the information page for the test
  • KANDIDATER – Navigate to the candidate list
  • KANDIDAT2 – Navigate to the result page for candidate 2
  • OPPGAVE 006 – Navigate to the delivery of question 6 for candidate 2
  • The icon at the top left – Closes the session and returns the grader to the main page with all the exams listed (for that particular grader)


It is not necessary to navigate back to the candidate’s list to open a new submission. The grader can navigate directly to the next candidate or the next question. The grader can also choose to hide all previously graded candidates or questions. The navigation tool will take the hidden items into consideration and surpass them. This implicates that the grader can move through the questions and submissions in a seamless fashion until the list of remaining assessments is empty.

The navigation Bar

The navigation bar shows all the questions in the submission. It can show only those that are not graded yet if the grader chooses to use the filter tool at the bottom right. Questions marked with a lightning bolt are, as mentioned before, automatically graded. The questions marked with a black circle needs to be graded with points or grades ss the grader moves through the questions and assesses them, the black circles turns into green check bullet points.

The icons of the candidates that have had their submission assessed turn blue. Candidates whose submissions are yet to be graded are shown as black icons. In the menu to navigate between candidates the same symbols are being used. The menu opens when you click the candidate icon. This action displays a list over all the candidates in the test. A grader can navigate directly to a candidate’s submission from this starting point.

Notes and annotation


The grader can make notes for the entire submission or for each question in the submission. The notes are private and cannot be viewed by anyone else throughout the entire grading process. The notes are entered in the field on the right hand side.

On the candidate’s submission (the separate candidates «result page») the grader can also make notes. This page also contains an overview of the graders comments on the different questions.


The assessment protocol and earlier assessments


The protocol will be available at the information page when the assessment is completed. The protocol will only contain results for candidates in the commission (not for the entire course).

After the graders have confirmed their final grades the grades are ready to be transferred to FS (manually). At this point the grades are locked and can no longer be changed. If a grader needs to view previous assessments it can be done by opening the test with status assessed/graded and choose «show results» on the right hand side.

Final grades will be shown as light blue to indicate that they can no longer be changed. The grader can see the private notes that were made during the grading process. This may be useful in case of a grade appeal where the candidate wishes to get the submission reassessed.

Blank delivery


If the candidates has a blank submission it will appear as shown below. The grader must still grade the submission (the automatically recommended grade will always be the lowest on the scale chosen for the test.)