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Forums enable communication between staff and students or just between students.

All members of a class or community can take part in the discussion and respond to contributions from other members.

  • Forums are created from the Admin-page by clicking the link "New Forum" under Forums
  • Fill in the required fields marked with "(required)":
  • Name
  • Purpose
  • Presentation (with threads or flat; this influences how contributions are shown)
  • Posting Policy:
    • Open (default choice; allows all members of the class or community to post and have posts appear immediately)
    • Moderated (means that posts must be approved by a moderator (Administrator) before others can see them)
    • Closed (only administrators can post something)
    • Users can start new threads (yes or no)
  • Note: When adding a forum one is responsible for keeping the content within the scope of professional and pedagogical activity
  • Click "OK"
  • Anyone can choose to receive an e-mail notification when new contributions are posted.
  • To receive notifications, click on the Forum and then on "Request e-mail notification for [Forum Name]".
  • Choose the notification interval (instant, hourly or daily) and click "OK".
  • To change the notification setting, click on the forum and then on "Unsubscribe e-mail notification for [Forum Name]".
    • You can edit all your e-mail notifications from the "Control Panel" by clicking on "Manage your notifications".

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