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My Space has some integrated systems which students can access directly via My Space. These systems are Kark-innlevering and Kark-seminar

  • To add a link to integrated systems, the applet "Connection to Other Systems" must first be added to the class/community.
  • How to add functions (applets) in classes/communities
  • Go to the Admin page for the class/community to which the applet was added.
  • Select systems from the menu "Connection to other systems". (Click Yes to add the system in the portlet and No to remove it.)


The Kark learning support system is integrated into My Space and can be used for all classes at UiB.
The connection from My Space to Kark takes place automatically and Kark receives user data, tuition activity and community affiliation from FS/Student Web/My Space. Kark opens in a new browser window so that the user can remain in contact with My Space.

Assignment seminar
Kark allows students to submit, read and comment on assignments directly on the internet. Its powerful assignment management system means that Kark can be used in most tuition systems. The Kark administrator for the class (class administrator) decides who at any given time will have access to the assignment topic and submitted assignments and who can comment on assignments.
The seminar is also highly suitable when students are to submit several versions of the same assignment and when the class is portfolio assessed.
Since the tuition set-up varies from class to class, it is the class administrator who decides which functions are to be used, including folder functions, the generation of commentator lists and blogs.

Blogs (discussion forums)

In some tuition systems, it is natural to have an electronic discussion forum in connection with the assignment seminar. Kark has three variants to choose from: teacher, student and discussion blogs. In the two former variants, it is the blog owner who writes new contributions. In the latter, everyone is free to start discussions. In all three, others can contribute input and questions.

Submission of assignments

Kark is also available in a submissions-only variant which is suitable when the seminar functions are not needed or when file formats have to be used that cannot be shown in web browsers.
Kark-innlevering can deal with all or selected file formats. It has been designed to enable teaching staff to comment on assignments, both directly in the assignment and in a separate comments field in Kark.
Kark-innlevering is run by the same program as the seminar, and the class administrator has the same possibilities to adapt Kark to the working methods used in the class.

Introducing Kark
Kark is activated by creating a link to seminar or to homework on My Space. Many people add links to a manual along with the Kark link The Kark office will provide assistance when you use Kark for the first time.
Questions about Kark can be sent to .

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