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Make files and links available in the File Storage system.

  • In My space you will find a file storage called "My files". Here you will find all the files published in your classes and communities. In "My files" the folders also shows which semester the different classes/folders belong to.
  • Each class and community has its own file storage.
  • The file storage is often used by the lecturer and course administrators to post old exam assignment solutions, PowerPoint presentations from lectures etc.
    • A new file or folder in the class or community file storage is indicated with a red "New" text in the class/community file storage and in "My Files". The "New" indicator disappears after 7 days.
  • Normally, only administrators can upload files in the file storage, but the they can also give the students access to upload files in one or several folders in a class.
  • You may choose to receive an e-mail notification when new files are uploaded in a file storage. You can select a file storage in general or a specific folder - it depends on what level you are in when you request the notification. Look for the "Request e-mail notification for [class name/folder name]". Select the notification interval.
    • You can stop the notifications by clicking "Unsubscribe e-mail notification for [class name/folder name]"
    • Notifications can also be edited in the "Control Panel".

Add a file to a file storage

  • Click on "File Storage"
  • Choose the folder to which the file is to be added
  • Click "Add File"
  • Browse for and select the file
  • Enter the name of the file (optionally)
    • If you have a ZIP-file to upload then instead of entering the name, tick the box for “This is a ZIP file containing multiple files which are to be unzipped". Click "OK" and the file will automatically be unzipped in the file storage system.
  • Entering a description of the contents is optional
  • If you do not want the file to be visible for other students immediately, you can set a future publish date for the file.
    • Click the small calendar icon next to "Future publish date" to choose a future publish date and then set the publish time.
    • All the administrators will be able to see the file immediately after it has been uploaded even if it has a future publish time.
    • Students will get access to the file when the publish time occurs.
    • If you do not set a future publish time for the file it wil be visible immediatly.
  • Note: To edit a future publish time for a file in the file storage you must upload the same file again (and it must have the same filename as the first uploaded file). Set the new future publish time for the file.
  • Click "OK"
  • The file has now been made available to all students who are members of the class.
  • For students and members with no administrator rights, the limit file size limit is 8 mb.
  • Use file formats that can be opened using standard software.
  • Note: The "Assignment" portlet must be used for submission of assignments. Students should not submit assignments in the file storage. Read more about assignments here: Assignment

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