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  • Timetables are imported from the university’s electronic time-planning system (Syllabus).
  • Contact the administration at the department or faculty if you wish to make changes to the timetable.
  • The cancellation function for an activity in My Space is only to be used for cancelling activities when it is less than 24 hours notice, and it should be used as a supplement to news on My Space.
  • If you cancel activities at very short notice, you should also consider sending an e-mail to the students in the class. The relationship between the (former student portal), My Space and the time-planning system is described on Timeplanlegging og rombestilling (in Norwegian only).

The calendar has the following functionality

  • Printer-friendly format of the calendar (click List view when in the calendar)
  • List view of all submission deadlines (all folder types).
    • Changes made to submission deadlines will be immediately updated in the calendar. (this does not apply if the student has been granted an individual postponement of the deadline).
    • Note: Closing date for submission folders = the submission deadline shown in the calendar. It is only possible to change the submission deadline by changing the closing date for the folder via the Assignment applet.
  • Extended display for all calendar items in monthly and weekly views of the calendar. In the extended display, the following information is included:
    • Teacher/topic are shown in the monthly overview if they have been entered in FS.
    • Teaching venue.
    • Last modified: + Date and Time + Who made the change. For all the lectures etc the changes will be made by the "Timeplansystem UiB" (the timetable system at UiB).
  • If you click the activity item in the calendar, you will get more information about the activity (if this has been registered).
    • You can choose whether to be notified if the activity is added or deleted, you can print a list of the activities and you can export the calendar items to other calendars, such as Outlook.

Subscribe to calendar

  • It is possible to subscribe to class- and subgroup calendars in My Space from other calendars that support the iCalendar standard. For instance; Google Calendar, iCal, Windows Live Calendar, etc.
  • Note that even though the calendars in My Space are updated frequently this is no guarantee that other calendars are updated at equally frequent intervals. Because of this, there might be a delay in the update of the calendar data. The calendars in My Space are always the authoritative source of information regarding teaching activities.
  • To subscribe to a calendar look for the subscription icon Feed.png
    • If a calendar in My Space does not have the subscription icon it means that the subscription service is not available for that calendar.
    • Right click on the icon and copy the URL that you need to create a subscription in an other calendar.
    • Note that the subscription service only works in the current semester.

Calendar export

In the calendar, you can export the following to another external calendar in the standard “iCalendar” format (for example Outlook):

  • Calendar items, one by one.
  • All calendar items in a class- or group calendar
  • Your personal calendar items
  • Look for the export icon Export.png

Export to Microsoft Office Outlook:

  • Select the class- or community calendar you wish to export
  • Click on the export icon Export.png
  • Select "Save to disk ". A file will then be saved in .ics format on your hard disk.
  • Open Outlook
  • Select the Calendar
  • Select File > Import and export..
  • Select "Importa an iCalendar- or vCalendar-file(*.vcs)"
  • Find your saved file and click "OK"
  • The export is complete.

Export to Google Calendar:

  • Select the class- or community calendar you wish to export
  • Click on the export icon Export.png
  • Select "Save to disk ". A file will then be saved in .ics format on your hard disk.
  • Then open your Google Calendar.
  • Select "Add" a calendar and then "Import calendar", which enables you to upload a calendar file.
  • Select the .ics file you have saved from My Space and select which calendar you wish the activities to be imported to.
  • Select "Complete import".

Day summary

The Day summary in My Space shows all your activities today from all the Classes and Communities that you are a member of.

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