NorCPM quick-start tutorial

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Ingo Bethke
Francois Counillon
Mao-Lin Shen
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This page only provides information for users to have a quick start on Notur-Hexagon.
Please take a look at NorCPM User Manual if you would like to learn more details of the model.

Getting started with NorESM

The list of command to create the ensemble structure and run the reanalysis is the following:

cd ${HOME}
mkdir -p NorESM
cd NorESM

Obtaining and installing the model

If you have a NoreSM svn access do:

svn checkout projectEPOCASA-3

if you don't, do:

tar xvf /work-common/shared/nn9039k/NorCPM/Code/NorESM/projectEPOCASA-3.tar.gz

Creating new experiments

Switch to the script folder and create a new case by using create_newcase:

cd ~/NorESM/projectEPOCASA-3/noresm/scripts

create_newcase -case ../../CASE_NAME_DEFINED_BY_YOU -compset N20TREXT -res f19_tn21 -mach hexagon_intel

Configuration of initialisation

Building the model

Setting up ensembles

Running the model

Getting started with EnKf

mkdir Script

I would recommend to link script for the moment (easyer for debugging)
If you want to make your own version copy it and edit it

cd Script
ln -s /work/shared/nn9039k/NorCPM/Script/* .
cp /work/shared/nn9039k/NorCPM/Script/ .

TODO Edit the file for your usage, model version, cpu account etc ...

If you want to use the starting date in 1980-01-15 already avaible don't touch anything

hybrid_run=1 ens_start=1 ens_casename='NorCPM_F19_tn21_mem' ens_start_date=1980-01-15-00000

It fetches the file in


More available starting date are available on norstore:


Need a script automatically fetch restart from there

To create the structure of ensemble type

cd ${HOME}/NorESM/
mkdir -p bin
cd bin

Same with bin, I would recommend linking the executable for now. If you want to create your own,
Copy and compile the code in /work-common/shared/nn9039k/NorCPM/Code/EnKF/
delete the link in bin and move your own executable there

ln -sf /work/shared/nn9039k/NorCPM/bin/* .
cd ${HOME}/NorESM/Script

This will take a while


Now you can run the reanalysis


If you want to delete your ensemble of folder:
The following delete member 02-ENSSIZE

if you want also to clean up the mem 1 1

To integrate the ensemble for 10 year with a super job use

EnKF Stoped Unwinllingly

Quick Diagnostics and analysis