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=== [[MRI Lunch Club]] ===
=== [[MRI Lunch Club]] ===
=== [[Education]] ===
=== [[Useful Links and Resources]] ===
=== [[Useful Links and Resources]] ===

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Our Facility

Bruker Pharmascan 70/16

A 7.0 Tesla small animal magnetic resonance (MR) scanner was installed at the Vivarium, University of Bergen, in December 2004 and was upgraded with new hardware in December 2012.

This MR scanner can be used for non-invasive diagnostic studies on small laboratory animals (rats, mice, small fish). Pathological and physiological processes can now be followed in a precise manner in the animal body by utilizing a set of MR imaging techniques combining visualisation of anatomy, diffusion, perfusion, and MR spectroscopy.

The MR machine is specifically suitable for performing longitudinal studies of disease development and treatment efficacy.


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