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== Our Facility ==
== [[Our Facility]] ==
<big>'''Bruker Pharmascan 70/16'''</big>
A 7.0 Tesla small animal magnetic resonance (MR) scanner was installed at the Vivarium, University of Bergen, in December 2004.<br>
This MR scanner can be used for non-invasive diagnostic studies on small laboratory animals (rats, mice, small fish).<br>
Pathological as well as physiological processes can now be followed in a precise manner in the animal body, by utilizing a set of MR imaging techniques combining visualisation, diffusion, perfusion and spectroscopy sequences.<br>
The MR machine is specifically suitable for performing longitudinal studies of disease development and possible effects of treatment strategies.
[[File:MR Vivarium 2.jpg|frameless||660px]]
== [[Announcements and Events]] ==
== [[Announcements and Events]] ==

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