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  •, author of works on theology and canon law, perhaps also lexicographer. Lars’s life is known through contemporary charters, published in DS. Lars came from a wealthy land-owning family in Östersta in the parish of Kungs
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  • '''Laurentius Romanus''' (Lars Romare) (d. 1431), a lay brother working for Vadstena Abbey, was the autho ...91 (''quibus…personaliter interfui'', KARLSSON 1901, 3). We also know that Lars returned to Rome in May 1394 and that four years later (on 3 April 1398) h
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  • ====Stephan Borgehammar, Karsten Friis-Jensen, Lars Boje Mortensen & Åslaug Ommundsen==== ...ngs in Latin which have too often been treated as footnotes to the vernacular literatures.
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen Ego Serquirus dei gracia Pharensium insularum episcopus...
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen ...ided the backbone of Theodoricus’s history and was also used in the vernacular chronicle Ágrip in Trondheim around 1190. For references to opinions on th
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen ...ger and more logical text. That such is the case with other legends of similar transmission is well attested (St. Hallvard, St. Olaf, St. Sunniva).
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen ...n writing. It is only transmitted through the hand of the 17th century scholar Arni Magnusson (in the ms. København, Den Arnamagnæiske Samling, 1030 4o)
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen
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  • appropriate number of his own monks to Varnhem and made a Lawrence (or Lars) abbot of the refounded house. “Thus Varnhem, deserted for a time, began * CANIVEZ, J.M. 1933: Statuta Capitularum Generalium Ordinis Cisterciensis 1, Louvain (Decisions of the Cistercian
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  • ...e sources of the chronicle (cp. below). According to Hemmingsen the particular blend of source material which we find in the chronicle is most likely to h ...eded by Fritleff who marries Rolf Krake’s daughter and gets the son Frothe Largus. Frothe succeeds his father and is succeeded by his son Ingyald who is s
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen ...s another how to fight, and, raging around in his tent, pretends to be a polar bear. The other replies “you know how to fight, but you will never be vic
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  • The traditional year of Botvid’s death is 1120, but some scholars have proposed the possibility that the martyrdom took place already around ...beginning of the text (see Composition and style), the anonymous author declares that the legend is written down “by request from the brothers who are s
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  • ...make for dull reading. But their close relationship to chronicles and similar more developed forms of historical writing warrants their treatment on this ...dred years younger and is more of a chronicle than a catalogue: the vernacular account of the Christian kings of Sweden found in the older version of the
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen (Legenda) & Åslaug Ommundsen (Officium) ...quo decurrentibus implicatur– magis elegit exilium quam uiro sacrilego copulari.'' (But she was kindled by divine love and was not seduced by flattering o
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen ...use, or perhaps even to accept it as a local medieval habit of calling regular canons “monks” as one contemporary source does. (cf. DAAE 1895, JOHNSEN
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen primary intellectual milieu and audience. However, there is in fact scholarly consensus on a date in the second half of the twelfth century, leaning to
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  • by Lars Boje Mortensen (''Legenda''), Eyolf Østrem (''Officium'') and Åslaug Omm ...B a very short abbreviation (half a page), hence the reference in the scholarly literature (and below) to a long and a short ''passio'' (or ''vita''). In
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