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Labs: The lab assignments are not final. In particular, we will use newer versions of some of the software.


  1. Lab: Getting started with Pycharm, Python and RDFlib


  1. Lab: Getting started with Eclipse, Java and Jena
  2. Lab: RDF programming in Jena
  3. Lab: SPARQL queries
  4. Lab: Storing graphs and datasets with Jena and TDB
  5. Lab: RDFS Programming in Jena
  6. Lab: Sgvizler
  7. Lab: RDFS Plus
  8. Lab: Web APIs, JSON and JSON-LD
  9. Lab: OWL
  10. Lab: OWL DL

Project presentations: In weeks 8, 13, and 19 there will not be ordinary labs. Instead, we will have mandatory presentations of your group assignments (programming projects).


  • save as a file named in the src/ folder of your Eclipse project


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