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This page will be updated with Python examples related to the lectures and labs. We will add more examples after each lab has ended. The first examples will use Python's RDFlib. We will introduce other relevant libraries later.

Lecture 1: Python, RDFlib, and PyCharm

Coding Tasks Lab 1

from rdflib import Graph, Namespace, URIRef, BNode, Literal from rdflib.namespace import RDF, FOAF, XSD from rdflib.collection import Collection

g = Graph() ex = Namespace("")

  1. Lab 1
  2. g.add((ex.Cade, ex.married, ex.Mary))
  3. g.add((ex.Mary, ex.interest, ex.Hiking))
  4. g.add((ex.Mary, ex.interest, ex.Chocolate))
  5. g.add((ex.Mary, ex.interest, ex.Biology))
  6. g.add((ex.Mary, RDF.type, ex.Student))
  7. g.add((ex.Cade, ex.age, Literal("27", datatype=XSD.integer)))
  8. g.add((ex.Mary, ex.age, Literal("26", datatype=XSD.integer)))
  9. g.add((ex.France,, ex.Paris))
  10. g.add((ex.Paris, ex.capitalOf, ex.France))
  11. g.add((ex.Paris, RDF.type, ex.City))
  12. g.add((ex.Paris, ex.locatedIn, ex.France))
  13. g.add((ex.Cade, ex.characteristic, ex.Kind))
  14. g.add((ex.Mary, ex.characteristic, ex.Kind))
  15. g.add((ex.Mary, RDF.type, FOAF.Person))
  16. g.add((ex.Cade, RDF.type, FOAF.Person))

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