Lab: SPARQL Programming

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SPARQL programming in python with SPARQLWrapper and Blazegraph, or alternatively RDFlib. These tasks are about programming SPARQL queries and inserts in a python program. Last week we added triples manually from the web interface.However, sometimes we would rather want to program the insertion or updates of triples for our graphs/databases.


  • Redo all the SPARQL queries and updates from Lab 4, this time writing a Python program.

With Blazegraph

The most important part is that we need to import a SPARQLWrapper in order to connect to the SPARQL endpoint of Blazegraph. When it comes to how to do some queries I recommend scrolling down on this page for help:

Remember, before you can program with Blazegraph you have to make sure its running like we did in Lab 4. Now you will be able to program queries and updates.

# How to establish connection to Blazegraph endpoint. 

from SPARQLWrapper import SPARQLWrapper, JSON

sparql = SPARQLWrapper("("http://localhost:9999/bigdata/sparql")")

Without Blazegraph

If you have not been able to run Blazegraph yet, you can instead program SPARQL queries directly with RDFlib.

For help, look at the link below:

Querying with Sparql

Useful Readings