Lab: Group project ideas / SPARQL

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Lab 3: Group project ideas / SPARQL


  • Meeting with Andreas to discuss group project idea.
  • Setting up the Blazegraph graph database.
  • SPARQL queries and updates.

Meeting with Andreas

One group at the time will go and talk to Andreas Lothe Opdahl about their group project idea. This is an opportunity to get early feedback for the programming project that you will develop throughout the semester. The office of Andreas is in Room 609 on the 6th floor of the SV-building next door(Laurits Melzers house).

Remember, we have a wiki page (linked below) that describes details about the group project, including some example ideas.


Meanwhile you can start working on the tasks for the next lab which is about SPARQl and storage of triples. SPARQl

If you have more time...

Useful Links

About the programming project

[Lecture Notes]