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=== Job openings in our group===
=== Job openings in our group===
we filled two postdoc positions in 2013, and PhD theory position in 2015, PhD in ATLAS in 2016. We will
have more openings coming years.
all our jobs are listed in [jobbnorge.no jobbnorge.no]
all our jobs are listed in [jobbnorge.no jobbnorge.no]
* [[ ]]
* [[ ]]

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Particle Physics

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Wiki page for Bergen University Particle Physics Group. . (We also have our internal Wiki, at A0 , UiB Wiki here with information which is not public outside ATLAS-Bergen. ) Particle Physics is funded by the HEPP (High Energy Particle Physics) programme of the Research Council of Norway. The last funding application description (mostly funded) for the period 2016-2019 can be read here File:ProjectDescription2015.pdf. The report (not the final version alas) from the September 2016- September 2017 activity can be found here File:HEPP-2017-report-not-final.pdf. You can also read up on responsibilities of your local ATLAS group team leader as seen from CERN point of view here File:CERN Team Leader Responsibilities.pdf

In years 2020-2024 we are a part of the Grieg project, "Early Universe", see twiki here:

Grieg "EarlyUniverse"

To get write access to these pages below you must have a UiB account, then you have to login using the login in link in the upper right corner of the wiki page, once you've done this send an e-mail and Anna Lipniacka (temporary info) and she will figure out who can activate your account (probably Kjetil).

Meetings, Seminars & Tutorials

Theses, Notes, Publications, Public Software

ATLAS Tutorials

HEP Outreach

ATLAS newcomers

Local Conferences

  • [[ The Dark Side of the Universe, DSU2016 25-29 July 2016 agenda page ]]
  • [[Nordic b-annual particle physics meeting agenda page ]]
  • [[From Higgs to Dark Matter 2014, , indico page]]

Job openings in our group

all our jobs are listed in [jobbnorge.no jobbnorge.no]

  • [[ ]]

Misc and AoB

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