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*Anna Lipniacka ATLAS@UiB [[File:atlasuib2012.pdf]]
*Anna Lipniacka ATLAS@UiB [[File:atlasuib2012.pdf]]
Talks from Bergen in CERN indico (some of them visible only for ATLAS or ALICE members)<br>
* Talks and events from UiB at CERN [https://indico.cern.ch/search.py?categId=0&p=bergen&f=&collections=&startDate=&endDate=&sortField=&sortOrder=d]
=== 2011 ===
=== 2011 ===

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Seminar and meeting information

Our group meetings (some) are at 10:15, on vidyo, look for specified category. Categories "BERGEN-HEPP", "BERGEN SUSY and DM" etc etc will be used as these meetings are already booked, but the subjects discussed will depend on the meeting and can be pertinent to all HEPP project members (High Energy Particle Physics)


Twiki for common ATLAS-SUSY Oslo-Bergen meetings can be found here:


Particle Physics Group Meetings/Seminars/Tutorials

Click the dates for seminar details (slides, etc)


Look into https://indico.cern.ch/category/2/ for BERGEN or ATLAS Norway


Group presentation for Geir Anton visit at CERN, Feb 2012


Special pensum course: Introduction to ATLAS
November 2011
Wolfgang Liebig (Wolfgang.Liebig at cern.ch)