October 9 2009 review - poster session

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All posters are in a0 format. For prints from CERN deadline is lunch 8/8-09.

  • Theory poster (portrait, print at CERN)File:Poster-osland.pdf- Per
  • B-physics poster - Maren
  • Standard Model tau poster (landscape, print at CERN) File:Taupairs.pdf - Thomas (representing Peter, Arshak, Ørjan, Alette, Anna and Bjarne)
  • Susy tau poster (landscape, print at CERN)- File:SUSY with tau poster.pdf - Alex & Therese
  • Monitoring poster (portrait, printed allready) Commissioning of ATLAS reco software - Arshak (+computer slide show)
  • BSF poster - Heidi (portrait, print at CERN)
  • Outreach poster (optional, portrait, print at CERN)
  • 3D poster (for the laboratory)[[File:3D.pdf]

Connect to skype chat for poster session using this link: http://www.skype.com/go/joinpublicchat?skypename=thomas%2eburgess&topic=Posters&blob=lTdzCuO6b3SGwD1Dig__P0VNHCKMVUpi2SCVdtfzs-NFPCfqG1fZjgFbbUxmcvpkH9adx95Ahx3R6LxUvvJ30_2ml-SHkYKRiVK1uOlJgxYa1Havc2O2

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