Mini parallab workshop, March 19, 2009

From ift

The meeting will take place in Bjarnes office at IFT Marc 19, 2009 at 12:30, and also on EVO (see below)



A number of things changed on fimm since the workshop 19/3-09

  1. /work/atlas was broken by some cleaning script! for now use /work2/atlas instead
  2. I have removed the old atlas installations, we now use the grid installations
    • to see what versions are available use
      sh /work2/atlas/install_scripts/
    (current list: 14.2.10 14.2.23 14.2.25 14.5.0 14.5.1 14.5.2 15.0.0)
    • to get an athena environment use
      source /work2/atlas/install_scripts/ version
      (where version is one in the previous list)
    • to get a work area use
      source /work2/atlas/install_scripts/
  3. for now dq2 is broken, avoid it, if you need it use it on lxplus and scp the files to fimm
  4. make sure everyone can see your files, please run the following commands
    chown -R ${USER}:atlasuib /work/${USER}  /work2/${USER}; chmod -R g+r /work/${USER} /work2/${USER}
    and in case you have something in /workX/users/ do the same for these files
  5. With interactive jobs one can run ATLAS eventviewers on fimm, try it - its awesome
    ssh -X ${USER}
    qsub -I -X
    (the -X's are for X window forwarding, you must use these)
    (wait until prompt changes to interactive job, often quick, but can take some minutes) in the job get a workarea
    source /work2/atlas/install_scripts/
    source /work2/atlas/install_scripts/
    and in the prompt run either atlantis or vp1


  • Intro to fimm - the parallab linux cluster
    • What is there
    • How to get an account
    • The file system
  • How to submit a simple job
    • PBS scripts
    • PBS commands
  • What is in the ATLAS work directory
  • Using root in a job
  • Using athena in a job
  • Using nordugrid & dq2

Evo connection information

People at CERN can connect from the office in building 21, it should be empty now anyway. There is a duet mic/speaker device there already.

Title:          Bergen parallab workshop I
Description:    Workshop for Bergen ATLAS people on how to use the parallab resources
Community:      ATLAS
Password:       ATLASFimm
Time:           2009-03-18 12:00-15:00 (meeting starts 12:30)
Meeting URL:
Phone Bridge:   ID: 863906 Password: 0686 Swiss: +41 22 76 71400