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InterComLayer Download

Current versions of the InterComLayer software can be downloaded from the ZTT webpages.

(Note: In order to use the access to an ORACLE DB, the DB client libs are also needed (can be found at the same location). The pthread libs for Windows and the DIM framework libs are already included).

Linux version


To compile the InterComLayer please follow these steps:

 - run ". setup.sh" or "source setup.sh" to prepare your shell (bash) 
 - if you compile InterComLayer for the first time on your system:
   - run "make -f makefile_dim.linux" to compile the required DIM Library
   - run "make -f makefile_interCom.linux" to finally compile InterComLayer
 if you want to clean up your system:
   - run "make realclean -f makefile_dim.linux" to clean up DIM stuff
   - run "make clean -f makefile_interCom.linux" to clean up


Before you start the InterComLayer you should adapt the Server.txt and Services.txt files to your needs. Server.txt contains the servername of the FeeServer, Services.txt the corresponding services. You have to make sure that the entered service name exactly looks like in DimTree or DID.

The Property.txt file is used to change the behavior of the InterComLayer. You can change for example the way he published services or to which services he had to subscribe. The files are located in the linux folder.


To execute InterComLayer properly please follow these steps:

 - set DIM_DNS_NODE as environment variable to the dns for DIM
 - make sure that the dns for DIM is running on the machine you specified
 - make sure that all configuration files are available:
   - for servers / dcscards
   - for services / monitoring values
 - finally run interComLayer from the linux folder

Important Notes

Make sure that the setup.sh is executed only ONCE per shell!

Windows version

Required Environment Variables

Set the following enviroment variables:

 DIM_DNS_NODE: tells on which host the dim name server is running
 TNS_ADMIN: tells the program where the database is located
 Path: add the path of the instant client libs (.dll's) to the PATH variable


 - start the dim framework
 - The required file is contained in the dim directory/bin/dns.exe
 - you can controll that the dim name server starts via the dimtree tool in 
   the same directory as dns.exe
 - change to the intercomlayer directory and enter the bin folder
 - start interComLayer.exe
 - the file to load Servernames calls Server.txt and for the Services calls Services.txt

Generell Note

See also the Readme - files in the current InterComLayer package.