Coming to CERN

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Here is some gathered information that should make it easier for those people who travel to CERN for the first time. Feel free to add & edit!

Documents to bring

NB! Your Teamleader has to sign the contract, the buget code has to be filled. Internal Address (Bergen office): Building 587, Ground Floor, R-031

NB2! You need to provide a valid health insurance document. For norwegians this is usually the EU health insurance card (Europeisk helsetrygdkort), which you can order online here:

  • If you want a specific picture from you on your Cern card, then you have to bring it. Otherwise they take a picture of you when making the card.

Where to stay


  • CERN hostel. Hint: If it is full, you can still get rooms here on a day-to-day basis. You have to show up at the reception each day when it opens (7.30), and then you usually get an extension of your stay. If you don't have a bed for the night, you can ask the guard later in the evening (after 22/23:00). He gets a list and keys of the empty hostel rooms. These you can usually also get extended.

St.Genis (Lies between CERN and ALICE)

Between CERN and Geneve

How to get to CERN

At the airport, just before you leave the luggage claim area, there are special machines where you can get a free public transport ticket.

To/from airport there are now several alternatives: The Y bus has been prolonged to Ferney, passing by the airport (thus giving a direct connection (with a detour through the ZIMEYSA area) between CERN and the airport. This lines runs once per hour - twice per hour in rush hours.

Or you can take bus 23, 28 or 57 to Blandonnet (stops under the bridge, go up and to the right in the middle of the stairs), and then change to the tram 18 "CERN" or Y "Val-Thoiry". Check for the timetable. Get off at the stop opposite the large wooden globe.

To get to the busses from the airport you go left and into the area leading to the trains. Take the escalator to the second floor and the bus stop is right outside.

There is also a CERN shuttle bus to/from the airport (timetable), but you need to have a CERN card already to use it.

What to do first at CERN

To get into CERN if you don't have anybody to pick you up it is usually easiest to show your CERN contract to clerk at the visitors office, map.

  • Go to the Users office, map, to get your contract fixed, afterwards you get your key card from the registration office, map.
  • To rent a bicycle, go to Service Point map

ALICE secretariat

Go here, map, for

  • key to the Bergen Office (if you want this), Key number: RZ1052, map.
  • Alice registration.

CERN car

You need to get a CERN car driving authorization from here. A scanned copy of your license needs to be attached. To get the license, you need security course, level 1+2, see below.

The car is usually located outside the Bergen Office (plate number GE 603658, car number 4793), but could also be located at the parking area by building 400. The key is in the office. To fuel up, go to the CERN gas station at building 130 on Meyrin side. Use the badge attached to the key to login and enter the current mileage of the car. The cost is charged to the team account. For other information see.

For other tips, check out User's office home page.

To do shifts

  • You need a security course, this you can do at
  • Request access for the control room at --> Access Request. NB: Remember to press Send when you are done adding requests. For this you need a special EDH-password, you can get this from AIS-support (Call 78888 when at CERN).

The rooms to request are: ALI-ACR and ALI-COF. Set start-date for todays date, but don't set anything for the end-date.

The next shift courses for DAQ-CTP-HLT are:

  • on Thursday 7th of October at 14h in room 160-1-009,
  • on Thursday 11th of November at 14h in room 160-1-009

Those who will attend will be able to book a shorter period of training ( 2 days instead of 4 days ).

ALICE shiftwork

Printing at Cern

Cern has many printers, free to use for every visitor. However the IT department of UiB only allows its own print servers to be installed on Klientdrift machines, and blocks every other non-UiB printserver. An exception has now been added for Cern printservers, but you have to follow this way of installing them (in Windows anyway - They might be not blocked under Klientdrift Linux):

  • Open an explorer and type the printername in the addressfield in this way:
  • "\\<printername>\<printername>
  • Then you should be prompted for your credentials, which you enter in the form "cern\username" - and your NICE password.

For the printer in the corridor outside the Bergen office it looks like this: "\587-R-COR"

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