Cherenkov Telescope Array - Norway

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Several Norwegian institutes are involved in the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) - a next level observatory for gamma ray astronomy. We have regular meetings and currently focus on Dark Matter searches with CTA. Here, we collect some information for collaboration.

Information for beginners

Below are some links to introduce you to what we are doing.

  • Some youtube videos:
 - Short video about how CTA works:
 - Scientific talk about the CTA observatory (status and perspective):
 - Talk about Searching for DM with CTA (at least the intro is nice then it gets rather specific in the end):
 - Talk on gamma-ray, CTA and gammapy:
 - More detailed talk on gammapy by Axel (this can be used for getting start with gammapy, so this really gets you set up for coding, etc. The jupyter notebooks that he discusses can be downloaded here: first he uses the gammapy-overview.ipynb and then gammapy-cta-gc.ipynb):