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Theses, Notes, Publications,Public Software ...


  • SUSY scanner by Jan Lindroos


Submitted and yet not defended Phd Thesis

Defended PhD theses

  • Arshak Tonoyan - February 3rd 2012, Recreating the Top Quark: Commissioning and monitoring of the ATLAS Inner Detector and search for New Physics with heavy particles. File:Arshak Thesis.pdf
  • Peter Rosendahl - Searching for the Higgs Boson in Pairs of tau Leptons in Data from the ATLAS Experiment (October 2013). [2]
  • Therese Sjursen -Defended in June 2014, Search for Supersymmetry with Tau Leptons in Data from the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC. [[3]]
  • Alex Kastanas October 2014, defended 12/12/14 Monitoring and Measurements with the ATLAS Inner Detector and Search for Supersymmetry using ATLAS data, File:ThesisMain AlexKastanas.pdf
  • Jan Lindros, May 2016, Beyond the Standard Models in Particle Physics and Cosmology File:PhDthesis-jan-lindroos.pdf
  • Orjan Dale, June 2016, 24/06/2016 Searching for Dark Matter with the ATLAS and CTA Experiments File:PhDthesis Dale-1.pdf
  • Justas Zalieckas, 2016, Determination of the ratio of b-quark fragmentation fractions f_s/f_d and study of the Higgs boson production and couplings with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions. (can be found via 'Bibsys')

Defended Master theses

System For A Cosmic Muon Telescope; Design And Implementation

  • Some older atlas theses may be found here: [[5]]