What to do when you come to Bergen as a new student

From ift

First make sure that you have accomodation, bank account and visa if needed.

Then arriving at the IFT these are the things to do:

  • Contact your supervisor or other contact person, he/she will introduce you to the relevant people at the IFT
  • Talk to Elin Bjerkan to get done the administrative part
  • Get access card to the IFT building. Go to the expedition office at the third floor where you have to fill out some forms which are then delivered at the card center just down the block from the ITF building.
  • Get an office and keys from Gjert Furhovden
  • Get internet connection and accounts by first talking to Magne Håvåg and then applying for an account at https://sebra.uib.no which then has to be approved.
  • Get access to the Twiki from Dominik Fehlker or Thomas Burgess. First you need to have the UiB account and then you need to log in to the twiki using your UiB username and password. This ads you to the userlist and allows the admins to enable your account.
  • Make sure you have a computer and set this up accordingly (if you are a Master student or visitor student you will use one of the PCs in the room allocated)
  • If you are taking courses talk to Terje Finnekås
  • If you work in the detector laboratory read through the safety rules and detector lab manual and talk to Dominik Fehlker about using the laboratory
  • Make sure you are on the relevant mailing lists and hypernews: ift-atlas, detectorlab, ...