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Susy Terminology

  • SUSY - Supersymmetry !
  • MSSM - Minimal Supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model
  • mSUGRA - Class of SUSY model where SUSY breaking is mediated by gravity.
  • GMSB - Gauge Mediated SUSY breaking
  • AMSB -
  • LSP - Lightest Supersymmetric Particle. In most model the lightest neutralino is LSP, but may be other particles (gravition, axino, ...) in some models. LSP is assumed to be stable in moste models.
  • NLSP - Next to Lightest Supersymmetric Particle
  • LOSP - Lightest Ordinary/Observable Supersymmetric Particle, relevant in models where LSP is in a hidden sector
  • Coannihilation region - Region in SUSY parameters space where the mass difference between NLSP and LSP is small (few GeV). This enhances the probability of NLSP and LSP annihilating with each other bringing the relic density down to a level consistent with astrophysical observations.
  • Drell-Yan process - Quark+anti-quark -> Z/photon -> lepton+anti-lepton
  • OS-SF - Opposite sign same flavour
  • SUSY benchmark points - points in SUSY parameter space which are chosen as test points in simulation studies. The benchmark points are chosen such that they are representative for different regions of the parameter space
    • SPS1: "Typical" mSUGRA scenario
    • SPS2: "Focus point" scenario in mSUGRA
    • SPS3: Model line into "coannihilation region" in mSUGRA
    • SPS4: mSUGRA scenario with large tan β
    • SPS5: mSUGRA scenario with relatively light scalar top quark
    • SPS6: mSUGRA-like scenario with non-unified gaugino masses
    • SPS7: GMSB scenario with stau NLSP
    • SPS8: GMSB scenario with neutralino NLSP
    • SPS9: AMSB scenario

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