PHOS PVSS panels

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This is the documentation of the PVSS monitoring tool for the Front End Electronics (FEE) of the ALICE PHOS detector. The values are read from DIM and displayed in a GUI.

Feeserver services

  • A13V0: Analog 13.0 V voltage.
  • A13V0C: Current for the analog 13.0 V channel.
  • A3V3: Analog 3.3 V voltage.
  • A3V3C: Current for the analog 3.3 V channel.
  • A6NV0: Analog -6.0 V voltage.
  • A6N0C: Current for the -6.0 V channel.
  • A6PV0: Analog 6.0 V voltage.
  • A6PV0C: Current for the 6.0 V channel.
  • D3V3: Digital 3.3 V voltage.
  • D3V3C: Current for the digital 3.3 V channel.
  • D4V0: Digital 4.0 V voltage.
  • D4V0C: Current for the digital 4.0 V channel.
  • TEMP1: Temperature sensor 1.
  • TEMP2: Temperature sensor 2.
  • TEMP3: Temperature sensor 3.

Datapoint types (DPTs)

Datapoint types used in the program:

  • AliPHS_FEC: Represents one Front End Card (FEC). There is one datapoint element (DPE, variable) for each service published from the FEE-server.
  • AliPHS_RCU: Represents one RCU. Values from DIM are read in to feeserver_Services DPE-branch and then mapped to the correct FEC. The feeserver_stat branch containes the maximum value of each service for all FECs in the RCU.
  • AliPHS_Status: Represents one module. The DPEs contains the maximum value of each service for all FECs in the module.
  • AliPHS_ICOM: Represents the InterComLayer. The DPEs contains messages from the InterComLayer and configuration commands to be sent.

Setup script (phsFed_setup.ctl)

The setup script creates all datapoints and sets up the DIM configuration. This script should only be ran once and by experts.

Mapping script (phsFed_map.ctl)

The mapping scripts maps the DIM services from the AliPHS_RCU feerserver_Services branch to the right AliPHS_FEC datapoint.

Get max script (phsFed_get_max.ctl

Finds the maximum value for each service for all FECs in one RCU. The values are written to the AliPHS_RCU feeserver_stat branch.

Check all states for one RCU script (AliPhs_FECs_Up.ctl)

Checks all states of one RCU and writes to the AliPHS_RCU feeserver_stat.AllFecOk datapoint element.

Get maximum of maximums script(phs_fed_get_total_max.ctl))

Finds the maximum of the maximum values for each RCU for one module and writes it to the AliPHS_Status DPEs.

Check all states for one module script (phsFed_check_all_states.ctl)

Checks states for all FEC for one module and writes it to the AliPHS_Status ALL_FecOk DPE.

AliPhsMonitoringDisplay (Main panel)


This is the main monitoring panel. It consists of one tab for each service group and one for the state. The color represents the maximum value of the service for the RCU. If you click on the square representing an RCU a new panel with all values for all FECs on the RCU will pop up.

Each tab contains a subpanel (named AliPhsA13V0Max.pnl, etc). Each RCU-square is made from a reference panel (named refAliPhsA13V0.pnl, etc) The reference panel change color when the maximum value for the corresponding RCU changes.

FEC table


Control panel