Installing DarkSusy

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To install DarkSusy, make sure to download both the latest version and the galprop patch from the DarkSusy page. Unpack darksusy-5.0.5.tar.gz, and move the patch into the resulting folder(darksusy-5.0.5). Now, unpack the patch as well with: tar zxvf galprop-patch.tar.gz

  • If you are running linux, run ./configure if you wish to compile with g77 or ./conf.gfortran for gfortran, then make and sudo make install
  • If you run mac (tested on mac osx 10.6), the c++ and fortran compilers will not compile for the same architecture unless you preface configure command with CFLAGS="-m32".

In the end, move to the test directory, and run ./dstest. You should receive output similar to the file dstest.output.

Compiling programs

To compile your own Fortran program written with DarkSusy, the call should be similar to (if you've configured with gfortran):

gfortran -I$PWD/../include -L$PWD/../lib -o ProgramName ProgramName.f -ldarksusy -lFH -lHB

For examples, one can look in the makefile in test.

Making your own exclusion routines

To make your own exclusion routine, it is good to start with dsacbnd9.f in darksusy-x.y.z/src/ac . Copy this into your run directory, and change the name to, for example dsacbndX.f where X' should not be 0-9, since these are in use. (Probably best to avoid a number altogether) Make sure to change the name on the first line in the file as well. Now you may call: call dsacbndX in your DarkSusy code as dsmain demonstrates.

gfortran -I$PWD/../include -L$PWD/../lib -o ProgramName ProgramName.f dsacbndX.f -ldarksusy -lFH -lHB