Astroparticle Physics

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Astroparticle physics

Astroparticle physics combines our knowledge of how fundamental particles interact with observations of our universe. Great advances in understanding the early universe has followed from this happy union.

Relevant topics

(with help from Prekins: Particle Astrophysics

  • Particles & Interactions
    • The standard model is largely covered by courses @ UIB- short review
    • Beyond standard model overview
      • Dark matter candidates
      • Supersymmetry
      • Others
  • Cosmology
    • A summary of experimental evidence behind the cosmological standard model; \Lambda CDM
    • The Friedmann equation + some GR review
    • Energy density, size of universe,CMB radiation
    • Particles in the early universe
    • Nucleosynthesis & matter/antimatter asymmetry
    • Dark matter
      • Signatures
      • Evidence
      • Candidates
    • Dark Energy
    • Early structure formation
  • Astrophysical sources
    • Cosmic particles
    • Stars & Galaxies

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