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For discussion, problem solving, socializing etc.


The group has irregular meetings from 2-3 times in semester.
For meeting notes etc. see Meetings - notes

Next Meeting

What? Duty work coordination, informal discussion and beer
Where? GFI
When? Week 40
Organizer: Clemens

Aleksi will tell us what he has reached regarding the modelling class.
We should talk about the future of this wiki page.

Planning for Classes/Events

We are at the moment planning for two classes, 'Modelling class/workshop' and 'climate science - policy class', see the links for more information. There is also a short list of initiatives which might be interesting for many, but would need someone to push them further. The ideas that have been presented are

  • PhD-forum
    • A 2-day (weekend?) seminar by PhD's for PhD. Science and social activities in some nice Norwegian scenery.
  • WRF workshop
    • A Number of people in Bergen are using WRF and might struggle with similar problems
    • Workshop could give a general overview of the model and the most usual caveats and then maybe look into user specific cases
  • Project planning/leading class
    • Something along these lines was offered for the postdocs by the university, but should this be something for PhD's already?
  • Teaching class
    • Most of us are teaching with almost no knowledge about pedagogy
    • This should be probably aranged by the university (faculty/department) but if not this could be arranged trough ResClim

How to survive Bergen (& your PhD)

Don't panic, get your towel and start with surviving Bergen. We aim to collect practical information to this page. Most of it is already available, but in different places, so this should be a place to gather the information to one place. In addition some of the more specific information is probably not found from anywhere else.