Meteorology Calendar Spring 2023

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The Meteorology Group Lunch Meeting takes place on Thursday at 12:05 in U105 in the GFI cantina, where you can also join online in Zoom.

At the start of each meeting we will have an information exchange of 5-10 minutes to have updates on subjects such as recent and upcoming conferences or past weather events.

For the Spring semester 2023 Mari Steinslid and Pirmin Ebner are in charge for organizing the seminar speakers. So please send them an email if you would like to present something.

For presentations please keep contributions between 15 and max. 25 minutes to leave enough time for discussion of the material. We will have maximum one long presentation per meeting and can accommodate an additional couple of shorter ones, which can be project presentations or other group related issues.

It is also possible to join on Zoom via

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Date Who Length Title Room
19-01-23 ... ... Semester Kick-Off ...
26-01-23 Christoff Andermann 20 min Stable water isotopes and the high mountain water cycle U105
02-02-23 Svenya Chripko 20 min Impact of Arctic sea ice loss on winter mid-latitude atmospheric circulation and Role of marine cold air outbreaks on ocean circulation - Previous work and current postdoc project Inger Bruun
09-02-23 Andrea Marcheggiani 20 min Diabatic effects on the evolution of stormtracks Helland-Hansen
16-02-23 Ines Ollivier 20 min Estimation of moisture fluxes in East Antarctica from in-situ measurements U105 + zoom
23-02-23 Mari Steinslid 20 min PhD project presentation U105
02-03-23 Pirmin Ebner 20 min PostDoc project iTRANSFER U105
09-03-23 Kjersti Konstali 20 min Exploring future precipitation changes in CESM2-LE from a weather perspective Helland-Hansen
16-03-23 Johannes Lutzmann 20 min Tracking Frontal Life Cycles Helland-Hansen
23-03-23 Harald Sodemann ... Transport and transformation of airmasses in the Arctic - TranSval proposal to NRF Helland-Hansen
30-03-23 Thomas Spengler 20 min Advancing Road Weather Forecasting through integration of meteorological, mobile sensor, and winter road maintenance data (RoadMet) Helland-Hansen
06-04-23 Easter ... No meeting ...
13-04-23 Clemens Spensberger 20 min Moisture pathways: linking atmospheric rivers and warm moist intrusions ...
20-04-23 ... ... EGU practice slots ...
27-04-23 EGU ... No meeting ...
04-05-23 Mauro Ghirardelli 20 min Report on the MOSAI campaign U105
11-05-23 Dan Li 20 min Land-atmosphere interaction: surface-layer turbulence, surface energy balance, and surface heterogeneity ...
18-05-23 Ascension day ... No meeting ...
25-05-23 Maarten Ambaum ... Cloud seeding with charge: physics facts and “alternative facts” U105
01-06-23 ... ... General news and updates Room 212
08-06-23 Thomas Batelaan 30 min Understanding The Role of Latent Heating in a North-Atlantic Baroclinic Environment during a Week in February 2022 U105
15-06-23 Tor & Anak 20 min TinyTag calibration Helland-Hansen
22-06-23 Everyone ... Semester Wrap Up ...