Meteorology Calendar Spring 2020

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The Meteorology Group Lunch Meeting takes usually place on Thursday, starting 12:05 in the Helland Hansen meeting room on the third floor of the GFI main building.

At the start of each meeting we will have an information exchange of 5-10 minutes to have updates on subjects such as recent and upcoming conferences or past weather events.

For the Spring semester 2020 Alexandra Touzeau and Andrew Seidl are in charge for organizing the seminar speakers. So please send them an email if you would like to present something.

For presentations please keep contributions between 15 and max. 25 minutes to leave enough time for discussion of the material. We will have maximum one long presentation per meeting and can accommodate an additional couple of shorter ones, which can be project presentations or other group related issues.

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Date Who Length Title Room
17.01.20 Everyone 20 min Semester kick-off and planning Helland-Hansen
23.01.20 Everyone 20 min Identifying speakers Helland-Hansen
30.01.20 Harald Sodemann EPS perturbation patterns (short) Helland-Hansen
06.02.20 Everyone - Open meeting Helland-Hansen
13.02.20 Aina Johanessen 20 min Upstream of land-falling atmospheric rivers: A moisture source analysis Helland-Hansen
20.02.20 Juraj Palenik 20 min Visualising atmospheric convection using flight tracks of (para)gliders Helland-Hansen
27.02.20 Kjersti Konstali 20 min 1) Cold Air Outbreak ; 2) Extreme precipitation Helland-Hansen
05.03.20 Michael Reeder 20 min Gravity wave generation by fronts and jets Helland-Hansen
12.03.20 CANCELLED due to UiB Corona shutdown
19.03.20 Laura Dietrich 20 min Water channel brightness temperature: humidity information in the upper troposphere in the tropics (POSTPONED) Helland-Hansen
26.03.20 Chris Weijenborg 20 min Cyclone clustering in a warmer climate Zoom (online)
02.04.20 Laura Dietrich 20 min Water channel brightness temperature: humidity information in the upper troposphere in the tropics Zoom (online)
09.04.20 - - ferie/hellig
16.04.20 Natacha Galmiche 20 min Topology and Multimodality in weather forecast Zoom (online)
23.04.20 Alexandra Touzeau, Clemens Spensberger 15 min each EGU presentations Zoom (online)
30.04.20 Sonja Wahl, Fumiaki Ogawa, Thomas Spengler 15 min each EGU presentations Zoom (online)
07.05.20 - - EGU Vienna
14.05.20 Jan Markus Diezel 20 min Systematic study of the effect of v-shaped valleys on wind flow within the surface layer Zoom (online)
21.05.20 - - ferie/hellig TBA
28.05.20 Everyone - Open meeting Zoom (online)
04.06.20 Tim Woollings 20 min Influence of Antarctic orography on southern hemisphere jet streams Zoom (online)
11.06.20 Clemens Spensberger 20 min The `Nordic Cooling' synthesis- A century of atmosphere-ocean interactions Zoom (online)
18.06.20 Andrew Seidl 20 min ISLAS2020 Zoom (online)
25.06.20 Yongbiao Weng 30 min Isotope composition of surface vapour and precipitation in Bergen: A 3-year observation Zoom (online)