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Both the forecast plotting script and the website creation script is based on python. The plotting script uses dynlib, the website creating script uses django the same library that also drives


Prepare dynlib

To get started, make sure you have followed the procedures to setup dynlib. Use the Guide to use the centrally installed dynlib. If you want to start developing own diagnostics, follow also the Quick start to developing with dynlib.

Obtain the example scripts

Example scripts as well as the actual forecast scripts currently used are available in a tar archive: /Data/gfi/users/csp001/forecast_plotting.tar.bz2. In that archive there are three folders called examples, production and website.

  1. examples contains a thoroughly documented plot script and the necessary settings file that sets up the right paths and file name structure used for the forecasts.
  2. production contains the currently used plot script, and the settings file contains also the colormaps developed by Franziska Menzel.
  3. website contains the script and the template file used to create web pages fitting to the plots.

Plotconf options