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Welcome to the ATOMIX wiki!

This wiki was initially developed by the SCOR working group 160 - Analysing ocean turbulence observations to quantify mixing (ATOMIX). It is meant to consolidate knowledge about oceanic turbulence data acquisition and processing, and to provide guidelines for processing and publication of data sets aimed at both experienced and new users.

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Wiki structure

This wiki is organized to provide a best practice for turbulence data processing from the three main instruments used for this purpose. Below, you can select your preferred device and navigate to the corresponding subpage.

Shear probes Velocity profilers Velocity point-measurements
Shear probes Velocity profilers Velocity point-measurements

These three individual processing guidelines share the same Nomenclature and NetCDF parameter attributes.

Turbulence Sensing Gallery

We also have the ATOMIX Gallery with images illustrating various sampling configurations and instruments.

Members of the SCOR Working Group ATOMIX

Cynthia Bluteau (Canada), Ilker Fer (Norway), Yueng-Djern Lenn (UK)

Other Full Members:
Toshiyuki Hibiya (Japan), Arnaud LeBoyer (USA), Zhiyu Liu (China), Rolf Lueck (Canada), Amelie Meyer (Australia), Craig Stevens (New Zealand), Danielle Wain (USA)

Associate Members:
Marcus Dengler (Germany), Jenson George (India), Peter Holtermann (Germany), Ryuichiro Inoue (Japan), Natasha Lucas (UK), Justine McMillan (Canada), Stephen Monismith (USA), Julia Mullarney (New Zealand), Sarah Nicholson (South Africa), Kirstin Schulz (USA)

For new ATOMIX wiki users

This wiki is meant to be dynamic and grow with the advances achieved in the scientific turbulence community. To be successful, your active contribution to this effort is needed!